by Cathedrale

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Recorded by Oli Dufour in February 2016


released March 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Cathedrale Rimouski, Québec

Members :

D. Fitzpatrick
D. Lechasseur
L-D Martin
JP Canuel
Sam Audet

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Track Name: Skeletal remains
Looking back to my life
There’s nothing to regret
All the blood I have wasted
All the tears I have shed

I did my time here
Time to cut the chains
Immortal are the gods
But death is what i seek

Let my spirit fly in peace
while my body is rotting in hell

Rotting in hell
Track Name: Contagion
Darkness, depression
I can’t resist anymore
Defenceless, I was born innocent
Not prepared to face a world
Created of vicious intentions.
The contagion is burning my faith
Rather be ugly, than a bloody baith
The outside world rejected his son
My commitment will remain undone

All hope’s lost
Fading to dust
Death infects
Contagion spreads

Slowly becoming the demon I fear
Track Name: Corbillard blues
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I See
Bodies piled, morbid humanity
I see the same shadows
They follow me
This world is dead, your nightmares my reality

I can inhale the perfume of death
You can infect, if you breathe what I breathe

Everywhere I go
Everywhere I see
A broken child, in blood and misery
As the wind blows death poetry,
it's all pounding in my head,
destroying my sanity

Still searching endlessly for a resting place
Intoxicated by the poisons of life

This world’s a beautiful place
But i’ve seen its other face
If you read, between the lines
You will find the truth that lies

If you read, between the lines
You will find the truth that lies
Track Name: Bury the coffin
Why do we have to mourn
Everything we love
Why do we have to kill
Everything we gave birth

Hymns of desolation
Your weight, on my shoulders
Born by the hand of preachers
Die by the sword of sinners

Caught in temptation’s opium
Crawling in the needles of life
Begging for another shot of venom
You won’t escape, you won’t escape the knife

Live your life
Die your death